I have a deliberately simple approach to graphic design in which there is a constant process of reduction in order to find the honesty, the purity, the real story to tell. I have a visibly consistent style that translates into a clear and communicative visual language with a modernist bias towards type and image. I believe the focus need be firmly placed on what you have to say first, and how you say it second.

Four Random Projects



Brand Identity

HallemaVanLoon is a small but thought-leading consultancy in the Netherlands. They came to Reeves looking for a renewed brand identity and communications strategy in order to change the current perception of their brand.

Retail Website



Aritzia was born out of Vancouver's upscale department store, Hill's of Kerrisdale. Established in 1984, their boutiques are now featured in select cities across the US and Canada.

A Better Tomorrow



The book showcases a diverse selection of work from members of QBN.com, representing all styles of visual media, including design, illustration and photography. The main aim of the project is to help contribute to the Patrick O'Brien Foundation.

Weapons of Mass…



Originally designed as a reference for my office, this poster series is based on my favorite/most used serif and sans-serif typefaces. The posters contain a listing of the typefaces, typeface designer and foundry information.